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Rebar welding

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Mark Baker wrote:

<< I am detailing a drag connection where I want to weld a #8 Gr. 60 bar to
 a 3/8" thk. A36 plate. The bar & plate are parallel to one another
 resulting in a flare bevel weld. Anyone care to point me to the code section
ACI, AWS or UBC that deals with weldable grade bar?  Anyone care to comment
on this being a good or bad idea?>>

I think it is a bad idea.  Welding of rebar is a risky business and requires
a better than average welder to do it correctly.  I would suggest getting
creative, such as using A36 bar instead of the rebar or using a headed anchor
bolt if you are anchoring a plate.  If you have no choice but to weld the
rebar, get familiar with the AWS spec and go out of your way to make sure the
job is done right.

Carl S.