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CalTrans Screw Up

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I agree 100 percent with Bill Allen.  (Welcome back, Bill.)  If the welds are 
acceptable, then the contractor should be paid.  If the welds are 
unacceptable, then they should be repaired.  Big question is:  Who is 
responsible for the bad welds and/or permitting them to be encased in 
concrete, if they are.  If CALTRANS was responsible, then CALTRANS should 
pay.  If an independent inspection agency did not stop the contractor from 
placing concrete before the welds were corrected, then the independent 
inspection agency bears a lot of responsibility.

The thing is, if the welds are inadequate, are we going to read about another 
bridge collapse that kills/injures umpteen people when the next earthquake 
hits?  Will CALTRANS then defend its actions on economic grounds rather than 
safety requirements?

If something is *bad*, then it should be corrected.  If it is good, then it 
should be paid for.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona