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Re: CalTrans Screw Up

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>Are these not FACTS:
>1.    CalTrans has determined that certain welding of rebar is unsatisfactory.
>2.    CalTrans has decided not to correct this problem forcing the general
> public to use these structures (approximately 100 bridges statewide).
>3.    CalTrans is not going to pay approximately 70 contractors for this
>work because they have deemed the work unsatisfactory although CalTrans
> is going to accept the work.
I've been working around weld QA since the 60's and I can't resist 
butting in.

Allen's 3 'FACTS' aren't the facts needed. What is needed is:
 1. The exact nature of the non-conformance.
 2. How much the the non-conformity endangers the structure. 
 3. Whether the contractors knew or should have known they weren't 
 4. Whether any correction will do more harm than good.

Allen implies that the improper welds place the structure demonstrably in 
danger. This may not be the case. Depending on what is improper about the 
welding, Caltrans may be grossly negligent or simply making the best of a 
bad situation.  Caltrans is absolutely right in not paying for 
non-conforming work.

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