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RE: AISC Code Check program

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Many people, myself included, have been guilty of sending files of various types to the list.  In every instance that I can recall it was shot down as bad protocol.  I have now come to agree that the practice of sending files, unless someone explicitly asks for them via private email, is not appropriate for the list.  Evidently Mr. Fong is not guilty of seeing himself as an ""arbiter of normality" of the American business culture" but rather upholding an established practice.  You are fortunate that you were only Fong'd instead of Bill'd, Wish'd, or Caldwell'd.

John Jones

PS. if critiquing spelling and grammar is the best that you can come up with then you obviously knew that you were on shaky ground or else you would have come back with an actual defense of what you did.

In short: I would suggest that Mr. Fong begins to take English classes to be
able to transfer his thoughts clearly to his readers. Also, I feel that he
should learn and be able to make a distinction between "good" and "bad"
protocols and/or manners if and when they are considered acceptable in this

What is most important, however, is that Mr. Fong sees himself as an "arbiter
of normality" of the American business culture - but it seems to me that he
has a long way to go to learn it. 


Andrew Skwara 
The author of AISC Code Check