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Re: AISC Code Check program

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I think Andrew got the point from our "Spams" so let's try to put this one
to rest.
For those who are not familiar with Andrew, he is one of the original
Pre-Internet originators of on-line engineering. Andrew is the Sysop and
founder of EBBS (Engineering Bulletin Board Service). Andrews efforts with
spreadsheet software and "shareware" spreadsheets started years before many
of us new what a spreadsheet was.
You may remember downloading Enercalc's first programs from EBBS. I think
this helped Mike Brooks tremendously in developing the library.

I also know that Andrew fought the advent of the Internet for a long time.
Therefore, he may not be aware of the "Netiquite" that we have learned to
accept over the last couple of years.
I also ask that Andrew understand that this is a frowned upon practice. You
may announce the availability of your software and a location were others
may download it. You may not, however, send it unsolicited.

Now, I suggest we move along and all become friends again. I, for one, am
happy to see Andrew participate in this list. He was one of the original
members of the Electronic Applications Committee of SEAOSC and was
instrumental in helping SEAOSC by offering his EBBS as a place for engineers
to post messages, announcements, emergency service announcements and
software (free and shareware) before we developed this listservice or
server.  I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome him in a more cordial

Dennis Wish PE

PS: And I take an exception to the remarks about "You are fortunate that you
were only Fong'd instead of Bill'd, Wish'd, or Caldwell'd."  I think I was
pretty damn diplomatic here 8>).