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Re: AISC Code Check program

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Hello Yank2002,

Friday, 21 November 97, you wrote to me:

Yac> Mr. Ronnie Fong wrote:

Yac> Automatically sending an execute (1) program unbidden (2) is bad
Yac> protocol.
Yac>  AND stripping my name from the SEAOC newsgroup (3) to spam me
Yac> (4) with an
Yac> unrequested program, no matter how good, is also bad protocol
Yac> and bad manners
Yac> (5). 

Yac> Ronnie Fong
Yac> Fremont, CA

Yac> Dear Mr. Fong:

Yac> Here are my comments with regard to your message:

Yac> (1) The word "execute" in the context of your intended message
Yac> should read
Yac> "executable". 

Yac> (2) If the understanding of the word "unbidden" comes from the
Yac> root of the
Yac> word "bid (to bid) ", then this word is not correctly used in
Yac> the context of
Yac> the message. A more appropriate expression would be "not
Yac> requested". 

Yac> (3) "SEAOC newsgroup" is usually called "SEAOC list". 

Yac> (4) According to Webster's Universal College Dictionary,
Yac> Copyright (c) 1997
Yac> by Random House, Inc., the word "spam" does not exist. 

Yac> (5) To make certain accusations without having access to factual
Yac> information
Yac> about the methods used and the reasons for chosen procedures is
Yac> unethical (at
Yac> least in this country). 

Yac> In short: I would suggest that Mr. Fong begins to take English
Yac> classes to be
Yac> able to transfer his thoughts clearly to his readers. Also, I
Yac> feel that he
Yac> should learn and be able to make a distinction between "good"
Yac> and "bad"
Yac> protocols and/or manners if and when they are considered
Yac> acceptable in this
Yac> country. 

Yac> What is most important, however, is that Mr. Fong sees himself
Yac> as an "arbiter
Yac> of normality" of the American business culture - but it seems to
Yac> me that he
Yac> has a long way to go to learn it. 

Yac> Respectfully

Yac> Andrew Skwara 
Yac> The author of AISC Code Check

get  a  life!

Best regards,