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Re: Rebar welding

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Mark Baker wrote:
> I am detailing a drag connection where I want to weld a #8 Gr. 60 bar to
> a 3/8" thk. A36 plate. The bar & plate are parallel to one another
> resulting in a flare bevel weld.
> Anyone care to point me to the code section ACI, AWS or UBC that deals
> with weldable grade bar?
> Anyone care to comment on this being a good or bad idea? (Bill? :))
> Regards,
> Mark D. Baker
Mark, A few things about welding rebar. A-706 is the bar of choice and
has no special requirements,so, if this is a new bar spec A-706. If its
not A-706 it may be welded based on the C.E., there will also be preheat
requirements. As far as the strength of the electrode use E-70 for a
flare-bevel. E-90 is only required for direct butt joints. Besides if
you use E-90 it is posible you could exceed the allowable shear stress
of the A-36 material. As far as the welder goes, there are no
prequalified welds for rebar. I therefore require the weld to be
qualified by test and that the welder performing the weld be the welder
who does the test specimen. 
Hope this helps!
Mark Harper P.E.