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Re: AISC Code Check program

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Well said Andrew.  Welcome to the Internet and the SEAOC List Server.

Regarding Dennis Fong's public remarks (instead of sending them to you
privately), you'll find that this List is made up of a group (over 1000) of
individuals that interact in a cooperative effort.  Unsolicited junk email
(called   'spam' on the Internet) and your derogatory response (called a 'flame'
on the Internet) are rampant throughout the Internet.  We try very hard to limit
that kind of thing here on the SEAOC List, and I'm sure that Dennis was just
alerting us.  I would have done the same thing.

Again, welcome to the List.  Members on this list are opinionated, and at times
arrogant, but we all interact with tact, respect and professionalism (and without
marketing to each other).  Some of us are also poor typists, poor spellers and
poor gramatisists (sp?).  We are, after all, engineers - not lawyers, writers, or
english teachers.  Contribute when you feel compelled to.


Yank2002(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Dear Mr. Fong:
> Thank you for your kind message.
> I believe that once in awhile everyone of us makes a mistake or two. I made
> them more often than I ever expected. That's why they call me "a human being"
> (if I am lucky).
> My strong reaction to your public disclosure indicating that I do not follow
> commonly accepted protocols, etc., was a result of not knowing that such
> protocols and procedures exist. In spite of my long computer experience, I am
> rather new to INTERNET. I also felt that your remarks could have been
> transmitted to me privately.
> I apologize for my hot temper and for any inconvenience it might have caused
> you.
> Since the unpleasant part is behind us, I hope I will be able to shake your
> hand in the near future so that we could be on friendly terms again.
> I also would like to thank you for your best wishes.
> Andrew Skwara

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