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Re: MISC - Warehouse Storage Rack Shelving

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>The contents of the racks could be rather dangerous as well unless there is
>somekind of barrier.
I helped with an investigation of collapsed racks in a document storage 
warehouse. The racks were 15-20 ft high, maybe 40-50 racks total, not 
tied to anything and stacked full of document boxes. One hell of a lot of 
paper. Someone putzing around with a forklift ran into one of them and 
bent one of the legs. It collapsed slowly, swaying into the adjoining 
racks as it went until eventually the whole array went down, domino 
fashion. When I saw it the floor was 8-10 feet deep in boxes, paper, and 
assorted wreckage with clean-up crews picking around trying to sort 
things out.

The response of the workers is interesting. They just stood around 
gawking as the racks collapsed, apparently not realizing that one good 
whack on a pipe column might've brought down the roof.

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