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Re: Fire Damage-Again

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I recently inspected a fire-damaged tilt-up building I originally designed.
The owner wanted me to prepare the repair drawings. He's got test results of
the concrete and reinforcement of the walls where the fire occured and they
are still OK. Fire damage to the wood framing varies from total damage to
just charring of the surface of the wood subpurlins,  4x purlins, GLB's, 4x
ledgers and 4x nailers.  

I've researced the listserve archive and found Bill Allen's original post on
fire damages and responses from Roger Turk, Richard Lewis, Michael Bramall,
Michael Cochran,Dennis McCrosky, Bill Cain and others. I"ll take all these
into consideration in my Damage Report and Repair Plan. One thing I noticed
during my inspection of the damaged walls that I did not read from the
previous thread was the hairline cracks on both sides the wall that follows
the horizontal and vertical reinforcements. I'm still researching books, ACI
and PCA Reports, and other Engineers I know who have experience in fire
damage jobs for their opinion on these cracks. 

I'll appreciate it if anyone can give me an opinion or refer me to any
reference on this type of fire damage(the hairline cracks on both sides of
the wall following the pattern of vertical and horizontal reinforcements).

Thank you,

Ernie Natividad.