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engineering judgement

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Tom Harris wrote:

(Recently on a hillside ( cliffside ) home i had a contractor say i had
engineered the  house  " 10,000 " times above code... I had followed L.A.
city hillside guidelines in an area where UBC was " adequate "  ( L.A.
guidelines not required ).

I believe Tom to be 100% justified, since it is the duty of every
engineer to employ the state of the art in his or her profession.
I didnt think you had to wait for the 94 UBC to design timber
according to the 91 NDS and I dont think you should wait for
the 97 UBC to be adopted to design shear walls using the 2:1 ratio
when this was adopted by the city of LA in 1994.If staying abreast
of the latest development in your profession could open you
up for litigation then may we should all retire.(lovely business
we are in )

Tarek Mokhtar
consulting engineer