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Re: APA EWS PRI 400 Wood Joists

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An answer to this query was sent to Stan Caldwell from Ed Keith, PE of APA staff, but wasn't posted on the SEAOC list server.  I'll fill in my response for others who may wonder about Stan's questions.

APA/EWS wood I-joists are intended for residential applications with 40 psf LL and 10 psf DL, with spans controlled by bending, shear or deflection limited to L/480 at LL.  Spans are given in code-approved product evaluation report (SBCCI Report 9724; BOCA and ICBO in review process), for single and multiple-span conditions.  Other installation details are shown in product evaluation reports.  There is no crown since 1) I-joists can be installed with either flange on top; and 2) I-joists can be used in multiple-span conditions.  Longest individual span is about 34 ft (for 16 in. deep I-joist).

If used for non-residential applications, or other cases not covered in the product evaluation report (such as concentrated loads placed on the span, or roof framing applications), this is where the PE/SE comes into the picture.  Design properties for APA/EWS wood I-joists are given in the product evaluation report so that the I-joists can be engineered for specific applications.

Hope that clarifies some of the issues raised.  In the future, it is planned that the product evaluation reports will be expanded to include more applications.

John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA