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Wood: Conventional Framing opinions needed from other states

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The conventional framing issue has been debated many times on this list. I am compiling the posts for a future article in Independent A&E. I am most interested in opinions as to the effectivness of using the UBC conventional framing section 2326 in other areas of the country. I understand that BOCA codes are used in many locations and would guess that they too, provide a prescriptive method for wood framed construction.
I am interested in finding the extent of damaged suffered by non-engineered residential wood framed structures in other area's of the country by wind, earthquake and hurricanes. 
If you have a strong opinion on the subject one way or the other, please share this with me. If you feel that residential construction (wood framing) is best left to architects and non-engineers please let me know why you feel this way. 
If you feel that prescriptive methods in the UBC or comparable codes do not adequatly provide for the mitigation of damage, let me know why and what examples you can present. 
Many of you know that I take a strong stand against the UBC 2326 due to the discontinuity of load paths as presented by the code. My other objection is that the prescriptive measure implys that the layperson or builder understand and follow the code provisions but does not enforce this.  
Rather than expound on my opinions at this time, I would be interested in yours. If you have specific knowledge of ICBO's position justifying this section of the code, I would like this to be explained as well.
Thank you in advance for your contributions