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Bld'g. & Safety

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I simply have to vent and this seems as good a place as any.

This morning I call the Van Nuys City of L.A office to inquire on the
plan check status of a project. The individual I speak with tells me the
plans are ready to be picked up. When asked how long they have been
ready he tells me since the 22nd of Nov. No, he doesn't know why I
wasn't called.

I send someone from my office to pick up the plans, about a 120 mile
round trip. Guess what, the plan checker comes to the counter and says,
"oh, I took those plans home this weekend to check and forgot to bring
them back".

Now, the plan checker made no apologies, didn't seem to care a bit about
wasting my employees time.

One more example of plan check employees "non accountability attitude"
toward the people that pay their salary.

Mark D. Baker
Baker Engineering