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Re: Copy of: Underpinning Existing Footings

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>>Typically, we use underpinning pads at plus/minus 6' on center.  With a
pad, this only requires the existing footing to span 4' between the pads. 
check the existing footing for shear and bending to span as a plain
beam between the pads.  The pads are designed to carry all of the load to
soil.  This is cheaper than a continuous underpin system because you are

excavating the "A" slots and not the "B"'s.  We detail the pads to be
centered under the existing footing and be wider than the footing.  We show
the concrete to be poured up around the existing footing 2" minimum above
bottom of the footing to try to encase it.<<

This sounds very similar to what we did. And yes, as I recall we did get
nailed on the lateral loading - that usually is the ase with

Thanks for your input

Kate O'Brien