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Bld'g. & Safety -Reply

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It disturbs me that you are so quick to degrade the image of the
Department of Building and Safety and the plan check profession in
general with this unfortunate incident. I honestly believe that this reflects
less than 0.1% of the department's operations and certainly does not
reflect any deliberate callousness or lack of accountability towards its
obligation to the public.

The mistake of locating your plans was exactly that; A genuine mistake
on the part of the clerk who answered your phone call,  which
unfortunately resulted in a wasted trip by you staff member. Your
representative was treated courteously and  professionally when
confronted with the absence of your plans and an apology was made
more than once.

I'm sure all of us have SEEMINGLY received the short end of the stick by
various agencies least of all by various building departments. But if we
were to publicly slander these agencies every time, we, as a society
would self destruct.  The city engineer in question happens to be one of
the most diligent of city employees and definitely does not deserve to
bear the brunt of defamation of the plan check profession (there are
always two sides to every story).  The staff at the Van Nuys District
office and the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
have come a long way in the way they treat their public as I'm sure
every building department can affirm.  Public servants can not get away
without good customer service these days: Every body is watching!  

Any LEGITIMATE violation of public service should be reported up the
chain of command and in extreme cases aired publicly.  I look to  the
SEAOC listserv for good technical issues and not for petty squabbles or
defamation of other professions, contractors and architects included. 
Can't we all just get along?