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Re[2]: Housing Performance Objectives

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The point is that those who participate in the code writing process have the 

last say on what's in the code.  Participation includes serving on 
committees, preparing proposals, presenting proposals, and lobbying with the 

building code officials who have a vote.  In the case of the UBC, it may 
even involve attending the annual ICBO meeting in Minnesota or Iowa.  What 
makes it into the building codes represents the majority opinion of those 
that participate in the process.  If you disagree with what is in the code, 
work with your fellow members within the system to attempt to change it.  If 

you can build a case that the majority will agree to, your ideas can become 

The 1996 Supplement seismic performance objective was added in response to 
the public which mistakenly believed that seismic design per the code would 
preclude damage from the big one.  If anyone disagrees with this code 
objective, a good start would be to write an article for a SEAOC Newsletter, 

or write a technical paper for presentation at the next SEAOC Convention.

By the way, I personally agree with Tim McCormac and Dennis Wish that the 
code should reflect economic considerations for housing.  My comments are 
just trying to point out that to effect change, we must be willing to go 
beyond this list server.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Inc.


<<  The point, Rick, is that this objective no longer reflects the needs of 
society when the cost to repair is as devastating to a family as injury. 
Rather than simply accept a supplemental explanation for the code, we need 
to work on a new philosophy behind conventional framing methods. These need 
to be based upon damage reduction (economics) as well as life safety.
Dennis Wish >>
>     I believe that the code writers tried to better define the seismic 
>     performance objectives in the 1996 UBC Supplement, Section 1624.1, 
>     which states "The purpose of the earthquake provisions herein is
>     primarily to safeguard against major structural failures and loss of 
>     life, not to limit damage or maintain function."
>     Rick Drake, SE
>     Fluor Daniel, Inc.