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RE: Colored background

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Dennis Wish wrote:
I apologize to all for my recent HTML formated posts. I had been playing
around on IE4.0 and set my email editor to HTML which formats the
>background and text. If you are not able to read HTML, I believe you get the
>same kind of unsightly background as Ralph reports below.  In the process of
>playing around, I also crashed Windows 95 so severely that I needed to start
>a reinstallation from scratch. This was not really from playing, but from a
>problem I had with Word97. I left my machine to return
to a locked up computer. After rebooting, I could not get into Windows
>in Safe mode or Protected.

I too have had the misfortune of installing Internet Explorer 4.0 and
suffering the consequences.  The browser is okay (but not any better
than Netscape).  However, IE4 also significantly modifies Windows 95,
essentially installing a beta version of Windows 98.  Even worse, you
can't easily reverse the process.  And to add insult to injury, IE4
absorbs nearly 100 MB of the C drive, even if you instruct the setup
routine to install it to a different partition.  There currently are
serious incompatibility problems between:  Internet Explorer 4.0, Office
97, Money 97, DirectX 5.0, the QuickRes Powertoy, and modern (64 bit,
3D) video accelerator cards.  Interestingly, five of the six are
products of Microsoft.  Go get 'em, Janet!  

Both Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.04 can send and
receive HTML.  This feature should be turned off when posting to the
Listserv, so as not to send unintended attachments to those readers with
email clients that are not HTML capable.  Also, I recommend standard
(Arial or Times New Roman) fonts, 10 or 12 pt., not bold, not italic,
and simple black on white.  Even though a lot of us have these new
Version 4.X toys,  we should refrain from using them in a Listserv
environment out of respect for those that are email

Best Regards,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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