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Re: Construction method for Second Story Additions

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>Story additions to existing single story wood framed structures in wood are
generally most economical when the existing structure can be incorporated.
Even 2x4 stud walls that are standard height can be shown tobe and are
capable of carrying another story along with most ordinary transverse loads.
An entirely seperate structural system for the upper additions are usually
only required and economical when the proposed architectural design ignores
the existing structure and the available load paths through it. It is an
intrigueing exercise to actually calculate and prove that any existing aged
structure has excess capacity which can in fact be used to support additions
or alterations with little or no major modifications. You'll also find that
the older grading rules and published model codes show that the allowable
stresses in many types of lumber available 40 to 60 years ago were higher
than they are now. The lumber available and used then was of a definitely
higher quality than that used now.
Sounds like you have an interesting project. 
Yours Truly,
>From the boondocks, Norb Volny, PE