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Re: Re[2]: Housing Performance Objectives

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I agree with Rick Drake that if we want something changed in our present code
we must get involved in the code revision process. This may take a while but
hopefully,  the code writers will take our technical input into

In the meantime, while it may take another 3 years to get the 2000 !BC out
and maybe another 3 years for it to be adopted by the Building Departments,
we can do something now to improve the enforcement of the current Code as it
is now. We can write the different building departments about our concerns
and recommend that they issue a bulletin to their plan checkers to take this
concern into consideration  in their plan check.

For example, I agree with Dennis that there is no mention about the
connection of the top of "braced walls" to specifically transfer lateral
loads. It just say nail to framing or blocking and following the Table for
nailing schedule, this may not be adequate. We can recommend connection
details that the plan checker can require to be included in the plans. We can
make the connection simple, practical and cheap so there will be less
resistance from owners, contractors, etc.

Just an idea which I think will work.

Ernie Natividad