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Re: Housing Performance Objectives

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Rick - Thanks for finding the reference to seismic performance objectives in
Chapter 16, which in my opinion is buried in the haystack. How can we expect
building owners, policymakers, let alone building officials to be acutely
aware of this lower performance objective when its buried in Volume 2 Chapter
16 of the UBC and is not mentioned in Section 101 Title, Purpose and Scope? 

A similar code change proposal to that which created 1626.1 of the 97 UBC was
defeated on several occasions when SEAOC proposed it for section 101. The
apparent reason? Generalists, building officials, owners, etc. don't want to
muddy the waters and clutter up the code's general purpose with the
ruminations of a bunch of seismic engineers. They felt it belonged in Chapter
16, not in the Administration portion of the code. 

Now the two sections appear to conflict with eachother - which one prevails?
Hence we have two camps and a cafeteria-style code where you can pick your
own poison. Homebuilders can opt for conventional or engineered designs which
both presumably meet the same performance objectives in Chapters 1 and 16
(Hah!). At least the code is consistently inconsistent.

To Dennis, Frank and others, thanks much for the kind and thoughtful words.
Its an interesting issue, but not nearly as pressing as lack of code
enforcement and poor quality in construction.