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Re: Housing Performance Objectives

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I agree with Fred that the more pressing issues are code enforcement and
quality of work. Even with a perfect set of Structural Plans(Engineered or
Conventional) the building's performance will depend on wether the contractor
followed this Plan(quality of work) and this further dedends on wether the
bldg inspector really checked if the contractor followed the Plans. 

Again, being more concerned with the braced wall issue, we can require
structural observation on all shear resisting elements and its connection for
Engineered Plans. For Conventional Plans, let's send a Checklist plus Details
of the same items to the building departments for building inspector's use.
Let's just make sure we make it simple and easy to do and don't make it sound
like we are telling them how to do their jobs but we're just helping out to
make the building safer. Or a better idea is if we can convince the building
official to require structural observation on  shear resisting system for
Conventional Plans, 
Like my previous post, these are suggestions that are simple and we can make
them happen now.

Ernie Natividad