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Re: SStud: Need opinions about residential construction andsteelstud shearwall

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With the buckling of metal studs and failure of the fastener in a rocking
motion(per Fred Turner's previous post), I don't trust plywood shear wall on
metal studs anymore. Thicker studs will improve performance but the mode of
failure is still the same. 

Some wild ideas:

1. Use plywood shear wall lengths of 4 ft. or 8 ft. or 12 ft. sections at ech
wall lines with hold-downs each end. 
2. Fill the inside portion of the metal studs with wood stud, tight fitting
of course.  
3. Buckling and screw rocking failure will be reduced or eliminated.

Or how about leaving gaps in the metal stud wall and insert plywood shear
wall sections  same as above nailed to wood studs ? 

Or I'll  use tension steel strap X-bracing and end gusset plates screwed to
metal double studs and top and bottom plates reinforced with solid tight
fitting wood filler just behing the gusset plate area.

Ernie Natividad