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Although from this is interesting from a specification standpoint.  In practical
terms, won't the majority of reasonable modern concrete mixes (which have not
been significantly re-tempered by the contractor) make 3000 psi with a w/c of
0.50 (ACI 318)?

Arvel Williams, P.E.

Amaloyan wrote:

> UBC 1921.2.4.1  Requires F'c of 3000 psi (min) in all concrete members
> resisting earthquake - induced forces.
> I am interested to know what has been your practice in designing flag pole
> footings imbedded in soil as a lateral force resisting elements?
> Do you use min 3000 psi or less? What is the justification for using
> a lower compressive strength?
> I have had several discussions with the ACI staff and several structural
> engineers and the answers given to me have not been satisfactory yet.
> Off course we have the exception for the footings of  all buildings three
> stories
> and less may have min 2500 psi. Does that also cover grade beams supporting
> three story moment frames? (I do not think so)
> So put those turkey sandwiches away and lets get a healthy discussion going.
> Ara Maloyan  PE