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Re: SStud: Need opinions about residential construction and steelstud shearwal

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Well, not that it makes me an expert, but I've designed several structures
using plywood shearwalls on gauge framing, using the references that you
mentioned. First off, I use 16 gauge framing for all studs and jambs for
walls upto about 250 lbs/ft. For greater shears. I require 14 gauge material.
Now these gauges are only for the SHEARWALL framing, not non shearwall walls.
I can't imagine any SE worth his salt feeling good about relying on 20 or 18
gauge tension only straps for a structure's lateral system. Empirically
speaking, stud buckling or not, a PLYWOOD wall has to be better than these
straps. Ever seen some of these straps installed? Interestingly enough, I
inspected quite a few of these straps on a construction defect litigation job
I was involved with in the High desert. I think the straps would work great
after the approximately 3 to 5 inches of "play" got taken up. Of course, the
wall top plates have deflected about 6 to ? inches laterally before these
straps activate. Sounds like a great system to me.......
                                        Monte Griffiths, RCE