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Bld'g. & Safety

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I must pass along what has transpired since my initial post on this

The Van Nuys office has made every attempt to rectify this situation for
which I am grateful. Plan check comments were minimal allowing them to
fax my office the comment list such that I would not have to return to
bld'g. & safety to pick up plans. Through email and voice mail several
apologies have been made and a level of cooperation is being exhibited
as I have never experienced from the Van Nuys or the downtown office

In all fairness to the Van Nuys office, my choice of where to vent my
frustrations (the list server) was not appropriate and for this I
apologize. It is worth noting that I now have no less than seven email
addresses of individuals at the bld'g. department with which the issue
can be taken up more appropiately one on one.

I must respond to Mr. Pereira's comments here however regarding slander
& defamation of the plan check profession. Throughout the public service
sector there is an attitude of unaccountability. This can be seen at all
levels of government, it just so happens the level at which I am most
often exposed to it is at various building & safety offices. I call it
the way I see it, and I see it too often. For those in your department
who have come a long way in the way they treat the public, they should
be commended. For those who have not, well, keep working on them.

With regard to your reference of apologies being made at the counter, I
(as I'm sure you) wish I had been a fly on the wall such that I would
have a first hand account of the events as they unfolded. Due to neither
of us being there, we are both placed in a position of defending our
respective employee's and their account of what transpired with regard
to apologies made and the sincerity or sarcasm with which they were


Mark D. Baker
Baker Engineering