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RE: Construction method for Second Story Additions -Reply

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Dennis, you wrote,

"Years ago I designed quite a few second story additions in Los Angeles
with this same concept. The second story was carried by post and
beam construction and the shear transfers where made to the first floor
"beefed-up" existing or new shear elements (walls, frames etc.). 
I believe that the City of Los Angles tried to outlaw (and may have
succeeded) the design of post and beam second story structures.  . . . 

Tim McCormick (who is a frequent contributor) may be prompted to
respond to you about this one.   . ... .

As long as you tie the load path from the roof down to the foundation for
gravity and lateral, I don't think this would be considered strictly a post
and beam type structure. Check with the City of Los Angeles for the
most conservative view.""

Dennis, your last paragraph states our position. As long as the
post-beam portion of the structure is properly connected to and laterally
braced by sufficient shear walls (or equivalent methods), there is no
concern with the vertical system using the post beam concept.