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Re: Housing Performance Objectives

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Does anyone know if statistics are kept for the percentage of recent
structures that have used the conventional framing section of the code in
terms of cost of construction, square footage or number of dwelling units?
Maybe someone has already mentioned this in the past posts, so sorry if I
missed it. I have worked on a few low income, non-profit housing
developments, where the structures are about as simple as it gets; one
story, slab on grade with plenty of exterior wall (windows are expensive).
Even for these structures, the architect and owners never considered using
the conventional framing section of the code. I am not aware of projects in
my area that have by-passed an engineered design. Most architects do not
want to take responsibility for the engineering nor do they want to be
involved with a project that does not have an engineered design. I think
there is a place for conventional provisions, but as mentioned the sections
need to be re-evaluated and updated. BTW, has anyone ever calculated the
actual requirements for roof collar ties and compared that with the
conventional framing section of the code, but as I believe Frank Lew has
said....where are the bodies?

Jeff Smith, SE