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Re: Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics

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> I am investigating the use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) sheets
> to strengthen or repair Reinforced Concrete beams. What is the position in
> regard to CFRP's use for this purpose in the U.S.?
> Has it been used on any bridge repair? Does anyone know a text that would
> outline the development of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) in the U.S.for
> use in Structural Engineering.
> With Thanks in advance,
> G Lynn,
> Email : gmlynn(--nospam--at)


The use of CFRP in strengthening and seismically retrofitting
concrete structures and elements such as columns, beams, walls,
etc. is rapidly becoming an established, verifiable, and secure
Much direct research has been completed in the US at various
universities and research centers. Research that we have
participated in was done primarily at UC San Diego -
Seible/Priestley et al, Univ Utah - Reaveley/Pantelides et al,
Univ Illinois-Champaign - Abrams/Hawkins et al. This research
covers the use of CFRP for columns, beams, walls, masonry,
precast, tilt-up.

Our retrofit / strengthening systems have been approved by
CALTRANS, WASHDOT, UDOT, Nevada DOT. We are currently in final
stages of design for the wrapping of bridge columns for Illinois
DOT and Missouri DOT.
In the private sector we have strengthened columns for parking
structures and exterior building columns in California and Utah.,
to adress both seismic retrofit and corrosion rehabilitation.

There are currently strong efforts being put into creating
standards for using CFRP in Construction, by such groups as ACI,
Many structures/civil conferences currently emphasize the use of
CFRP in Construction. There are many proceedings and reports on
the subject available.

     At XXsys Technologies, Inc., San Diego we have  a continuous
carbon fiber
     wrapping system for seismic retrofit and strengthening of
     columns. The system consists of pre-impregnated epoxy/carbon
fiber 50K
     fiber tows and/or prepreg woven fabric. Our automated
equipment wraps the         carbon fiber/epoxy tows in computer
controlled fashion.Both systems utilize monitored
     elevated temperature curing, assuring consistent and
verifiable quality,
     effectiveness and durability.
Where a room temperature cure is adequate, we also have cost
saving hand lay-up procedures, utilizing the same strength carbon

     A technical packet, including validated design equations and
guidelines for
     use by the Project Structural Engineer is available.
     For other comments or questions please contact:
     Jim Korff, PE
     Director of Engineering Liaison Services
or jgkorff(--nospam--at)
The XXsys Technologies Web Page at is also
for basic information.