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Contractor hired Deputy Inspectors

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1994 UBC Section 1701.1 says that special inspectors shall be employed by
the owner or by the architect or engineer of record acting as the owner's
agent.  Section 106.3.5 is similar, but goes further, specifically
indicating the the inspector shall not be employed by the contractor or any
other person responsible for the work.  It has been my experience,
particularly on smaller projects, that the majority of owners, contractors
and inspectors are unaware of or ignore these provisions.  Even in Los
Angeles, where the prescribed daily report form for the deputies requires
them to certify that they were not employed by the contractor, I routinely
encounter inspection reports signed by inspectors who I know were selected
and paid by builders.  I struggle with how big an issue to make of this.
Does anyone have any relevant thoughs or suggestions.

Drew A. Norman, S.E.
Drew A. Norman and Associates