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Re: UBC: Inspection/Observation Programs

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Drew A. Norman, S.E. wrote:
> 1994 UBC Section 106.3.5 (hidden in that first volume none of us ever look
> at) requires the architect or engineer of record to prepare a detailed
> written inspection program for approval as part of the permit process.  I
> was asked to prepare such a plan for a project in the City of El Segundo a
> couple of months ago.  I did, but am wondering why I've never been asked
> before or since, in El Segundo or elsewhere.  I am also wondering whether
> ours is the only practice that doesn't routinely provide such a document
> with drawings, specifications and calculations.  Does any body out there
> have thoughts or comments?
> Drew A. Norman, S.E.
> Drew A. Norman and Associates

The Structural Observation program, which is part of the Code 
requirement, is rarely enforced by most Cities, except City of LA, 
following by now, City of El Segundo. Per Code, The engineer of record 
should state such an inspection program on the plan and the City should 
not issue any certificate of occupancy until the City receive a letter 
from EOR stating that structural observations had been performed and no 
deficiencies are found.  I would like to say "Good Jobs" to Cities of LA 
and El Segundo. 

So far, I have been fortunate enough to perform structural observations 
on almost most of my jobs and the owners didn't mind paying for it.  
However, I believe lots of jobs have been slipped by without structural 

Good luck,

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering