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Re: UBC: Inspection/Observation Programs -Reply

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At 02:36 PM 12/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
>The State of California mandates which portions of the Uniform Building
>Code cities and counties must adopt. Generally speaking, these portions
>do not include Chapter 1 or 17 provisions for structural observation and
>inspection programs. Each city and county is left to make their own
>In Los Angeles, we adopted, amended and expanded the UBC provisions
>on structural observation and did not adopt the inspection program of
>Chapter 1.  We already have a well-developed  administration chapter
>suited to our specific needs and see some problems with the UBC
>language on the inspection program.

PLEASE SEE MY REPLY TO DREW NORMAN  "Re: Contractor Hired Deputy
Inspectors" posted this date for a more detailed description of these
problems.  Unfortu
nately, although the City of LA does have a well-developed administration
chapter dealing with these issues, the budget cutting of the past decade
has seriously limited the effectiveness of the Department to which this
enforcement is assigned.  

I am guaranteed to get in some hot water for this statement regardless of
how true it may be!!  I just need to call it like it is.

>I believe the inspection program should be a contractual duty of the
>design engineer. Special, resident or deputy inspectors should have their
>qualifications approved by the engineer of record acting as the owner's
>agent. Although  LA Building & Safety has a Materials Control Section
>which examines and licenses special inspectors to verify that their
>experience exceeds their credentials (ICBO cert., etc), no evaluation
>should be  better than or take the place of the design engineer during the
>course of construction.
>Tim McCormick, P.E.
>City of Los Angeles
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