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Subject: Use of your work by another engineer

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>From: "Jill T. Shuttleworth, P.E., S.E." <andeng(--nospam--at)>
>To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
>Subject: Re: Subject: Use of your work by another engineer
>Stewart, Warren wrote:
>> Doesn't matter, Client owns it !!!
>It is my understanding that the Engineer owns all drawings and
>calculations associated with all work performed.  The Engineer gives
>license to utilize plans and specifications for a particular project 
>the copyright still belongs to the one who prepares the plans.

Only true if contract with client is silent on the subject.  However, 
as I mentioned in my original post, by virtue of specific contract 
language most public agencies require the A-E to sign over all 
ownership.  The following is the relevant paragraph taken from a major 
contract with one of our clients:

"Drawings, technical specifications, estimates, reports, 
records...computations, computer tapes or disks...which are prepared 
or compiled in connections with this Agreement...are owned by the City 
as soon as they are developed, whether in draft or final form."

>I would be very cautious about giving calculations on a preliminary
>design.  As these are not final, it is possible that they may be 
>out of context for which they were intended.  If calculations are
>required by the library at this stage, I recommend getting something 
>writing which states you are not responsible for how this 
>Jill T. Shuttleworth, P.E., S.E.
>Sunnyside, WA

Again, check the language of the contract.  Calculations are 
calculations.  If another engineer utilizes the calculations in the 
final design, that person is responsible.