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Stamping Plans - A new question: Another Reply

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This situation happens all the time, I have clients that produce products
that have shop drawings that require a California State Licensed Structural
or Civil Engineer taking responsibility for the design, drawings and
detailing,  some work, like schools, require only a Structural.

There are members of the Structural License who "simply" stamp drawings for
a fee.  Example, one client who used several modes of submital preparation,
included a engineering staff preparing calculations and drawings with the
"stamp for a fee" STRUCTURAL "processing" the submittal within a day
without even looking at the drawings or calculations.  

How do I know this you ask?  For those familiar with the California
Building Code or Title 24, whatever you want to call it, includes a
deflection limiation for roof elements "without plaster" as well as the
typical UBC requirement for roof members with plaster.  And the
calculations include a deflection check and comparison with a limitation
less that the CBC w/o plaster noting that no code limitation governs.

So there are those who will perform this service.  Our office, it begins
with the agreement with the client, we tell the client that in order to ake
responsibility we will have to review the entire package and produce
comparison and justification calcs.  

The BORPELS rule of "prepared by or under the supervisions of" generally is
seen by the BORPELS Investigation group as TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY, no
passing the buck of you did not really produce the calcs or drawings.

It is not a question of having a engineer stamp the drawings who agrees
with the original design and detailsing and approves the set even thougt it
was not created under ..........   

The point is that "they" need to find an engineer to stamp the drawings who
will take full responsibility of the submittal package and most importantly
make any Plan Check Review Comment revisions or changes or argue the
original design with the Reviewer.

	Bill Warren, SE
	Newport Beach, CA