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Re: Computer Utility recommendation

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From: Resengin <Resengin(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Saturday, December 13, 1997 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: Computer Utility recommendation

>Are you aware that Iomega also has two Drives on the market that can be
>to back up your data and file.
>They are the Jazz which is a 2 GB hard floppy($299.95 internal $399.95
>external extra disk $99.95 in a three disk pack), and the Zip a 100 MB hard
>floppy ($149, extra disk About $19.95 to $9.95 ), both are available in
>internal and external models.  Internet Address
I am aware of both of these and use the Zip 100MB floppy (as I mentioned in
my post). I even use Drivespace with Windows95 to compress the 100MB floppy
and have been averaging about 190 MB per floppy. Unfortunately, if you have
4 or 5 Gigs fo data to backup, the Zip's can get expensive (at $13.00
average per disk). A $19.00 tape is great for backup and a Zip is great for
storage and fast retrieval using conventional file manager programs.
I don't care for the Jaz drives because the cost per disk is too expensive
(around $125.00 for a 1 gig disk). You can easily purchase a 2 gig hard
drive with a docking station for less. Considering Jaz drives, I'll wait
until the middle or late 1998 for re-writable CD-Rom prices to drop low
enough to consider. The current problem with RW CD-Rom is that they write
like tape drives. You can not insert files like you can on magnetic media.
This is promised to change soon as better software becomes available to
handle random reads and rights on CD-rom disks.

>I curently use a Zip disk external model.
>I hope that you were able to recover from your crash!!
>Jay L. Crawford
Thanks Jay, I am back up and running - and better than before. In one way it
was a blessing. I did not loose my data (which I store on Zip disks) and was
able to get rid of three years of DLL and other files loaded into my Windows
directories for Beta software and Shareware that I no longer use. I am
finding my system much more stable (although the conflicts still exist).