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Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

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I went the route of tape backups and the whole song and dance.  When all is
said and done, with my case several computers at the office and a computer
at home that is required to be as useful as the office computers, ACAD14,
faxing, etc, my solution was "D" harddrives.

Each machine has a "D" drive the same size as the "C" at this point 2.5gig,
soon to be increased to 4 gig "C" drives.  I use Laplink95 to transfer
files, it uses data compression and selective data transfer.  Selective
data transfer? is the transfer of existing files is performed by sending
only the "elements" that are different.  

Current project with several 5+mb files, bookkeeping files that are 2+mb,
e-mail files 15+mb, fax files 3+mb are transfered by 33.6 modem in about 10
to 15 minutes.  It is so quick do to the transfer is sending only the
changes.  New files can take a while but this has been found to be easy.

Laplink95 also can be set to run under Microsoft PLUS.  PLUS is a utility
that has a "System Agent" that you can schedule to run.  I use it to do
defrags and scandisks at 3am and transfer files to office at 1am and
transfer files to home while I am translating in the vehicle.

Anyway back to the backup, the "D" drives are bootable and therefore if the
"C" crashes I have used the boot floppy to copy the D drive to C and back
running quickly, HD to HD transfers are the fastest.  I also use Laplink95,
in the dark of the nite on all computers, to backup data files on the "D"

With everything said and done, this is the fastest and easiest, and 4gb
HD's are not much more than the JAZ drives with assembly, tax, license and
dealer prep.  And if all disasters come true, motherboard dies and C fries,
I can take the D from any machine and install into a new machine without a
drive and go.

	Bill Warren, SE
	Newport Beach, CA