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Re: MS Word to R14

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I'm not sure if I buy the "one page" argument from Autodesk. I have OLE'd a
multi-page Excel spreadsheet into MS Word with no problems.

Regardless, your method sounds the most foolproof. It just would be nice if
there was a procedure that would minimize the steps by the user (I would
have to pull out your article every time I did specs) and made the file
management more efficient (2 files- a .doc file and a .dwg file-no
intermediate file).

It seems that a VBA macro within MS Word would/could do the trick especially
since R14 now exposes its objects. Is this possible or more of a pain than
it's worth?

Bill Allen

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From: Mark Middlebrook <MarkMid(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Monday, December 15, 1997 8:48 AM
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I know you weren't being critical. Sorry if I sounded defensive.

I don't know of any "magical" approach to bringing word processor text into
an AutoCAD  drawing while retaining all formatting. As your read in the
article, OLE has lots of problems (including no direct control of text
height, can't link or embed a document longer than one page, and plotted
results often are screwy), so I don't use it with AutoCAD.

A guy at Autodesk whom I spoke to said that they'd like to make OLE work
better, but that the hooks they need aren't there in OLE. For example, the
one page limitation comes from OLE, not AutoCAD (or so he claims).

- Mark Middlebrook  MarkMid(--nospam--at)  MarkMiddlebrook(--nospam--at)