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Was STAADIII vs SAP2000, now is Risa3D

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Lynn Howard wrote:

 My basic opinion of Risa 3D is:
 Highly recommended for steel structure analysis and design,
 Jury is still out on Dynamic analysis and models requiring plate

I think you're off the mark here, Lynn, at least in regards to Risa3D's plate
element. I've tested the Risa plate (actually, thin shell) element versus
STAAD, SAP and other programs and I've found it to be highly accurate and very

Also, the merging/meshing features built into Risa make their plate very easy
to use. It's also well documented, something NONE of the other programs can

I do have to say SAP has Risa beat for dynamics, however (sorry Bruce). Risa
offers linear response spectra analysis and that's about it, where SAP offers
nonlinear time history (among other things), so if that's what you need, SAP
is the one to get. SAP is also better for very large models (over 5000

Earl Conroy
E.C. Engineers