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Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

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From: Bill Allen <BAllenSE(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Monday, December 15, 1997 5:36 AM
Subject: Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

>I am assuming that when you have a "wipe-out" you have to re-format your
>HDD. If that is so, what do you have to manually install before your
>Tape-Store system will work? Win95? Registry? Tape Software?
>Bill Allen

In my recent crash, I did not reformat my hard drive. There was no reason to
do this since the problem was not in my partitioning or system files.
However, if you wish to start from scratch using a tape drive to restore
from here are the steps.

Minimum restore methods from Tape

1. Before you crash create a boot disk.  Do this before a crash occurs so
that you can format your drive and install your tape drive program or
Windows 95. Because you have some options, the boot disk should be able to
access your CD-Rom drive from a DOS window. This means that you should have
the following files on the boot disk and each of these files should be
referenced from your Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files:
MSCDEX.exe (correctly set for your cd-rom drive)
SBIDE.sys (correctly set for your cd-rom drive)
You may have proprietary software for your CD which may substitute for the
MSCDEX and SBIDE programs.

The easiest way is to copy the Autoexec.dos and Config.dos files located in
your root directory (folder) to your floppy and rename them to Autoexec.bat
and Config.sys. Edit these files to recognize the programs that will be
moved to your floppy disk - make sure that they are not referenced back to
your C drive.

Test the disk before you crash - you can also use Norton's rescue or Windows
95 to create a boot disk for emergency recovery.

2. Format your hard drive.

3. Install your backup program in DOS. Most tape backups have a DOS version
of the program so that you can restore in a total shut-down. Even Zip drives
have a utility to recognize a zip drive from DOS.

4. Reinstall everything from your Tape backup. NOTE: when the full backup
was created it should include all hidden and system files including all
read-only files and your system registry and backups.

IF you fear that your registry is corrupted and you don't have a reliable


Follow steps 1 through 3 above.

4. Install Windows from the CD-ROM. Install Plus! and any other handy

CAUTION: The following should work, however I have not tried a complete
reinstallation based upon this...

5. Restore  from your tape backup, but change the settings so as NOT to
overwrite any files. The only exception to this rule is to retrieve your
WIN.INI and SYSTEN.INI files. You can either overwrite the initial INI files
(copy them to backup first) or you can cut and paste between them.

6. Go to the \Windows\INF\ folder and start to double click each INF file.
These files will create additions to your registry that link all programs
and supporting libraries to the old locations on your hard drive.

7. There will probably be some clean up to do. You can use a program like
First Aid 98 to recreate missing links and seach for orphaned files. Many
programs do not copy files to the Windows System directory and therefore,
only need a link or modification in the INI files.


Reinstall everything from your original disks. Don't forget to visit the
vendors web site to install update patches.

After you get everthing up and running - retrieve my message from the other
day and protect yourself with clean backup's that you know are not

Best regards