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Re: Computer Utility recommendation

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Sorry to hear about your problems.  You are quite right, if you make good
backups and have the right software installed, you can really save yourself
hours of grief in rebuilding your software.  To your previous post I'd like to
add my two cents.

The early versions of Norton worked great on 16 bit formatted drive, although
with FAT 32 formatting I have not been able to get it to function properly, this
may not be the case with the most recent releases.  For crash protection and
anti virus I'm currently using MacAfee.  So far no real problems.

Always make sure that you have available the latest patches for your software.
To date there are about sixteen (16) patches for the various versions of Win95.
These are available for download at:

Most of the software released in the past year assumes that you have these
patches on your machine.  If your software isn't working right, it may be your
Operating system.  Or that you haven't gotten the patch for your favorite
software from the Web site.  Most of these web sites also have some freebies,
such as macros, or templates, etc. which can be useful to have.

Never store these patches only on your hard disk.  If your disk crashes, and
these are not backed up  you will need to download the patches all over again,
Which can take hours of online time.

You may also want to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your
hardware.  This is a favorite source of conflict.  But be careful.  Sometime the
latest driver can cause a conflict with older software.  Especially the new
direct-x 5.0 video drivers.

I can remember when the hardware could wear out before the software was
updated.  Now the software is shipped with bugs and updated on the fly with new
versions every year, all of  which require patches, and the hardware is obsolete
before you get home from the computer shop.

Hmm, where did I put my stockbrokers phone number.
Arvel Williams, P.E.
I'm blowing the dust off my backup tapes now!"