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Re: Plywood shear walls w/ screws.

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Yes I have called APA (their new area code is 253)   They faxed me a
copy of Tech note E830C which is titled "Fastener Loads for Plywood -
Screws".  It discusses failure modes with most of the foucus on ply to
metal. (sounds like a prior thread)  There are also Ultimate loads for
different configurations.  A more complete publication is being sent via
snail mail  and hopefully it will address plywood shear was more

Yes the holes would have to be predrilled, and the cost factor may kill
the idea even if I can approve it from an engineering point of view. The
owner has requested that I look into it as we are sheathing an existing
wall and a portion of the wall has plumbing in it.  This area with the
plumbing is not being used for shear, so we may just use screws in the
area of the plumbing as he's concerned with future access.

I'm still interested in other views with regards to the repetitive
loading and any other factors.  I would expect ply over metal studs to
have a greater tendancy to loosen with reptitive loading than with wood
Steve Privett