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Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

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My employer is in the process of "migrating" about 2,500 networked PC's
from Win 3.11 to Win95.  This is indeed comforting
news...................I've been suspicious of the Win95 O/S since I
noticed that the Win95 self-help books are running over 1,500 pages
typically.  If it's so stable, why does it take 1,500 pages of text to
sort it all out?

Russ Nester
On Mon, 15 Dec 1997 07:43:37 -0500 Lew Midlam <Lew.Midlam(--nospam--at)>
>In the 2 years I've been using Windows95, my hard drive (on three 
>computers) has been 'wiped out' 4 times. 
>If you're running W95 without disk backups, you're a bankruptcy 
>waiting to
>happen - IMHO.
>Lew Midlam, PE