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Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

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Not to worry, Russ.  With 2,500 PC's, your employer certainly has a Technology
Manager that knows his/her stuff and has taken the steps (backup procedures) to
make your system 'bullet-proof'.  Sit back, relax, and follow his/her
instructions.  And, take comfort that, IMHO,  Windows 95 is about 5 times more
stable and 2 times more productive than windows 3.11 or W4W  (after the three to
six month learning curve, that is).


rnester(--nospam--at) wrote:
> My employer is in the process of "migrating" about 2,500 networked PC's
> from Win 3.11 to Win95.  This is indeed comforting
> news...................I've been suspicious of the Win95 O/S since I
> noticed that the Win95 self-help books are running over 1,500 pages
> typically.  If it's so stable, why does it take 1,500 pages of text to
> sort it all out?
> Russ Nester