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Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

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Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 1:27 AM
Subject: Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

>My employer is in the process of "migrating" about 2,500 networked PC's
>from Win 3.11 to Win95.  This is indeed comforting
>news...................I've been suspicious of the Win95 O/S since I
>noticed that the Win95 self-help books are running over 1,500 pages
>typically.  If it's so stable, why does it take 1,500 pages of text to
>sort it all out?
>Russ Nester

Russ, IMHO, Windows 95 is much more stable than Windows 3.1. It is, however,
much more complicated to understand which goes hand-in-hand with the level
of programing complications that it must handle. I realize that I started
this thread because my system crashed and I needed to recover from scratch.
This may not be normal for most users since I beta test and work with many
different software packages that I ultimately recommend or review in SEAOC
Online or Independent A&E.  Most users stick with a very limited group of
programs - especially if you are working with a basic word processing
program, CAD and Analysis programs. I extend to graphics, Utilities, Billing
software, Connectivity (Internet browsers, email editors) and much more.
My system has been extraordinarily stable since this crash inasmuch as I was
able to weed out all of the beta library files (DLL's) that were still under
construction while I was testing software.
My basic opinion of Window's 95 is that it is a generation above Windows
3.11 in stability and in compatibility with today's software.
On top of this comment, consider too that MicroSoft will no longer be
supporting Windows 3.11 after the next major Windows Upgrade (Windows 98).
There is no better reason to change.
Finally, most of the information in the Books that you mentioned are geared
toward Networking abilities of 95 which is far more advanced than 3.1. I
have found much of this information to be usless to me. These books are also
used to compensate for the fact that the software no longer comes with a
complete users manual as extensively written as was 3.1. To cut costs
Microsoft has developed their commercial publications which you pay dearly
for and I find are of little value to someone who is already familiar with

I highly recommend the transition to your company. Remember, my problems are
a "tad" bit more complicated and tricky due to the number of different
"beta" packages that I work (or play)  with.

Dennis Wish PE