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Re: MS Word to R14

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Thanks Mark,
I finished reading your article and you also addressed these issues. Still,
the MTEXT editor is a big improvement that I really appreciate.
Best wishes in the New Year,

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From: Mark Middlebrook <MarkMid(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 9:07 AM
Subject: Re: MS Word to R14

>>> Although this may not bring in a table or highly formatted text, I did
>that simply cutting and pasting works well in R14. To accomplish this,
>the text you want to insert and copy or cut it from any program. Next, open
>a multiline text window and simply insert the text. It pastes in very well
>and maintains the true type font that you worked with in your word
>processor. It also maintains the width of the text. <<
>You're right that pasting word processing text into the MTEXT editor is a
useful technique, in my admittedly limited testing, I found that the spacing
of letters was not exactly the same in Word and in AutoCAD R14 (using the
same TrueType font). They're close but not identical. In some cases the
small differences will matter, and in others not.
>Also, be aware that putting a lot of TrueType text in drawings will really
kill object snap, object selection, and display performance. TrueType text
performance is much better in R14 than in R13, but it's still nowhere close
to AutoCAD native text (SHX) performance.
>- Mark Middlebrook  MarkMid(--nospam--at)  MarkMiddlebrook(--nospam--at)