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Re: CE or SE - No Arguments, just need some advice!

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California Chaptered Bill SB970 requires that construction of any project for a
hospital that involves structural elements shall be under the responible charge
of an architect or a structural engineer (go figure).[BILL.CURRENT.SB.FROM0900.SB0970]

I offer nothing here other than a pointer to the bill.  Good luck in figuring
out what it means, or whether it applies in this case.

Lew Midlam. PE
> wish wrote:
> I received a call from a local hospital who is building a new Mammography
> center. The room already exists, however they want a local engineer to verify
> if the structure can take the load of the new equipment. The structure is a
> Spancrete building and they have all of the plans. After I agreed to meet on
> the site on Friday it occured to me that I may not be able to do this because
> of limitations of my Civil License.
> Although this does not require a design - it's pretty much a verification of
> the distriuted loads against the posted live and dead load for the room - does
> the client need an SE to perform this simple calc.
> Dennis Wish PE