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URM - Ledger Connection

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I need to connect a ledger (4x6) to a URM wall to hang a mezzanine (top hung TJL's). I realize that a ledger hung connection on a URM wall is not a good idea, but one that the client is adament about being able to see the brick wall. I plan to use secondary supports at inconspicuous locations, however I am stumped as to the maximum load per connection in the wall as assigned by code. In reinforced masonry my calcs require a 1" diameter bolt in a 4x6 DF ledger at 12" o/c. The loads are high since the TJL's support a mezzanine area used for light storage. This equates to approximately 1350 plf of liveload and only 130 plf dead load. To distribute the lateral loads to the URM wall, a lateral reaction of about 80 plf along the ledger had been calculated. I plan to tie the TJL's to the URM wall for tension normal to the wall with a LTT strap and a tension connection (22 1/2 degree Hilti-Hit anchor) at 48" o/c to control cross-grain failure in the ledger.
The maximum allowable load for shear on a URM connection is 1000 plf for a proprietary 8" embedment. since the reaction is perpendicular to the brick bedding joint, is there an acceptable higher shear value? I can understand that laterally applied load will cause a shear failure in the bed joints, but in this case my gravity load is normal to the bed joints and the head joints are staggered.
Any suggestions?
Dennis Wish PE