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Re: Computer Utility recommendation - my solution

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I hope you're correct about Win95, because my employer has NO PLAN for
backups!  I may back up data on available network drives, assuming they
are up and running, and assuming they warn me if archived data is to be
erased when not recently accessed.  Me, I believe in floppies if the data
fits.  I also hope you are right about productivity.  When Win 3.11 was
first introduced, we were given no training whatsoever, and didn't really
need it.  With Win95, we are to work through a 4 hour self-taught
introduction course.  Then there's the incompatibility problems with 4
years of previous MS Office versions...........................

Russ Nester
On Wed, 17 Dec 1997 07:58:05 -0500 Lew Midlam <Lew.Midlam(--nospam--at)>
>Not to worry, Russ.  With 2,500 PC's, your employer certainly has a 
>Manager that knows his/her stuff and has taken the steps (backup 
>procedures) to
>make your system 'bullet-proof'.  Sit back, relax, and follow his/her
>instructions.  And, take comfort that, IMHO,  Windows 95 is about 5 
>times more
>stable and 2 times more productive than windows 3.11 or W4W  (after 
>the three to
>six month learning curve, that is).