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Re: wood framing question

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Replying to the question of whether adding another plate at the top of an exterior stud wall could affect strength in the horizontal plane, Dennis wrote:

> This would not be a problem .......
> Dennis

OK, Dennis, but how about a fourth plate? A fifth? At some point there's going to be a weakness against wind loads, and the stack of plates is apt to roll over because of an inwards or outwards reaction against the bottom plate, from the top of the studs.

A quick check of possible overturning moment under the maximum wind reaction, and the restoring moent from dead load and nail tension would be worth doing, to see if the third plate creates a weakness.

> Jim Warne, Vancouver

> Excerpt from Original Message: Does any body have any misgivings about triple top plates (2x6) as opposed
> to dbl top plates for a bearing wall ? .......
> Tarek Mokhtar, PE