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Another Reason to be Grateful

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I just had an opportunity to step back in time. I have an old spreadsheet
originally composed in Lotus 123 (for DOS). I imported it into MS Excel and
I was concerned whether the formulae translated properly. I went into my box
of old diskettes and dusted off my Lotus 123 R2.4 (for DOS). First, I was
grateful that they were on 3-1/2" diskettes. A lot of my old software is on
5-1/4" diskettes and I no longer have any computers with this kind of floppy

After I re-installed Lotus 123R2.4 (remembering it's "install.exe" not
"setup.exe") I was totally lost. Looking for a worksheet file not in the
default directory was a pain. The font was too big and the only way I could
change it was to re-install with 132x43 characters instead of 80x25. To top
everything off, I did not have a print preview! The
copyright date on the diskettes is 1992. After I did my check (btw, the
formulae translated O.K.), I deleted the 123 directories and put the
diskettes back in the box in my garage.

After this experience, I decided to stop bitching so much about Windows, the
occasional crashes (I still will protect myself as much as possible) and the
shortcomings of some of the things that I thought annoyed me.

After the relief I had gained from this acceptance, I thought it would be a
good idea to apply this approach to the other elements in my life.

I certainly could have done worse in selecting a profession and I should be
really grateful to be able to practice structural engineering.

The law allowing civils and architects to practice structural engineering
really doesn't affect my life at all since all of my clients are happy with
the work that I do and I do not feel threatened by them.

Although I do not have many friends, the ones I have are very special to me
and I would not trade any of the experiences I've had with them for

While I have disagreed with many of the opinions shared here on the
listserv, I have gotten an immeasurable amount of information and insight
that I would not have gotten any other way. I am very grateful to all of you
who have participated here.

Finally, I am especially grateful to my wife for sticking by my side through
the good times and bad times although I am not certain why.

I hope all of you enjoy the holidays and take the time as I have to reflect
how precious life really is. Merry Christmas to all.

Bill Allen